Reading List 1.1.19

Expanding & Complicating the Rhetorical Tradition (53)
Some provisional guiding questions (from fairly broad to more specific) for my research are: §How does a feminist orientation influence how rhetorical practices are theorized, particularly rhetorical practices surrounding discourses of technology and labor? Conversely, how might theories of the rhetoric of various technologies (interfaces, platforms, and programming) complicate feminist models of rhetoric? §How is literacy portrayed in the teaching of digital rhetorics and programming? What assumptions undergird this portrayal and pedagogical approach? What are the implications of this pedagogical approach for composition, especially given Vee’s argument about the ways in which programming recodes writing? §How might a transnational feminist examination of the rhetoric of women’s coding literacy movements (1) productively complicate current discussions of coding literacy within rhetoric and (2) yield insight into the animating id…
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